eBook formats

The Bible Tales online store sells eBooks in three different formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.  When purchasing eBooks from the store, you need to select the format that suits your requirements.
If you plan to use an eBook reader, we recommend that you consult its documentation to find out what formats are supported and how you can transfer files onto your eBook reader.  If you plan to read the book on a computer using an app (program), then consult the program documentation to make sure you choose a format it supports.
Here is some simple guidance to get you started in choosing a format:
  • PDF (Portable Document Format).  Suitable for computers, smartphones and eBook readers.  The page layout in the document is fixed, although most readers will allow you to zoom in if you find the print too small to read.  With Bible Tales books we generally use the page layout of of the paperback book in our PDF files.
  • EPUB (Electronic Publication).  Readable on smartphones, computers, non-Kindle eBook readers.  EPUB is now the preferred option for new Kindles.  This format is also supported by Amazon for older Kindles if you use their "Send to Kindle" facility.
  • MOBI is an older format still supported by most eBook readers including Kindles.  However, this format is no longer supported by Amazon's "Send to Kindle" service, so you will need to be confident with delivering the files to your eBook reader across a physical wired connection.