Automated shipping calculations

Automated shipping calculations are now available all over the world.    However, the COVID-19 pandemic has limited shipping options and you may find that some standard shipping methods are not available.

Our store is based in Australia and shipping to some countries is not possible at the moment.  Maybe you could try an eBook or audiobook instead of that perfectly-sized paperback you were hoping for!

During the pandemic, we reserve the right to cancel orders if the selected shipping method is not available or the cost for alternative shipping will be excessive.  All international shipping options are subject to confirmation.

Larger orders and local printing

If you wish to place a larger order for books, please contact us directly using the form below and explaining your needs.

For customers in the USA and the UK, orders can be fulfilled directly from printing works in your country.  For orders of 6 or more books, please contact us directly and we can give you a quote.  This method will often be quicker and a little cheaper than shipping the books from Australia.