Terror on Every Side Volume 5 "No Remedy" Audio Cover

Audiobook (download): "Terror on Every Side! Volume 5 – No Remedy" by Mark Morgan

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Terror on Every Side! The Life of Jeremiah

Volume 5 - No Remedy, by Mark Morgan

Audiobook – Read by Chris Morgan

In this last volume of the series Terror on Every Side! we come to the climax of Jeremiah's work as a prophet. God's judgement will soon be poured out on Judah and Jerusalem.

No-one would believe Jeremiah’s words until it was too late – and now there is Terror on Every Side!

The Babylonian army waits outside the city and Zedekiah continues to vacillate instead of providing godly leadership – as food starts to run out.

The only hope is to follow Jeremiah’s advice and surrender to King Nebuchadnezzar. But who would dare to do that?

"I had known for 40 years that this devastation was coming, but that knowledge had in no way prepared me for the reality I saw spread out before me that day."

“But [Judah] kept mocking the messengers of God,
despising his words and scoffing at his prophets,
until the wrath of the Lord rose against his people,
until there was no remedy.”

2 Chronicles 36:16

The series: Terror on Every Side!

This series leads you through the exciting life of Jeremiah the priest as he worked for God in ancient Israel. As well as being a priest, Jeremiah was also a prophet of God for over 40 years, always warning of judgement which was to come on the nation of Judah and all the nations around. Few would listen at all, and fewer still would take him seriously. Jeremiah lived to see the fulfillment of most of these prophecies, but many of those he spoke to did not.

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Previous volumes:
Volume 1 – Early Days
Volume 2 – As Good As It Gets
Volume 3 – Darkness Falling
Volume 4 – The Darkness Deepens

This volume concludes the series.

Details of Volume 5 audiobook

  • Audio book - Read by Chris Morgan
  • Unabridged recording
  • 6 1/2 hours duration (390 minutes)
  • MP3 format - one file per chapter
  • 558MB zip file for download