Paperback: "Joseph, Rachel's son" by Mark Morgan

Paperback: "Joseph, Rachel's son" by Mark Morgan

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A novel written during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2017 and released in December 2018.

A young boy with 11 brothers; favourite of his father; chosen of God.

Joseph, Rachel's son, lived a privileged life in Canaan until his jealous brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. There, the favourite son learned hardship and faced undeserved punishment.

Overcoming one trial after another, he finally faces the greatest test of all: power over his brothers. When they bow before him – as prophesied so many years before – will he take revenge, or show the forgiveness that comes from God?

Beloved son, envied brother, betrayed slave, hopeless prisoner, ruler of Egypt, but, above all, servant of God – this is Joseph's story.

Recognised by Independent Press Award 2019 as a "Distinguished Favorite" in the category Religion: Fiction.

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  • Paperback book with white paper
  • 111mm x 178mm (4.37" x 7")
  • Body text 10.5pt
  • 243 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-925587-30-2
  • Joseph's family tree
  • Two maps
  • Footnotes with background details and Bible references