eBook: "Terror on Every Side!  Volume 1 – Early Days" by Mark Morgan (Second Edition)

eBook: "Terror on Every Side! Volume 1 – Early Days" by Mark Morgan (Second Edition)

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Chapter 1 – My Birthday

It was on my 17th birthday that I first heard – or felt – God’s voice. In those days, we seemed to have a happy extended family in Anathoth and I was welcome in it. Times are different now…

From a family of priests in the peaceful reign of good King Josiah, came a young man Jeremiah, bringing words from God to his people.  It was no message for the fainthearted, either.  It was a message of Terror on Every Side!

A young king and a young prophet.  What could they do together for the people of Israel?  Could the disaster be averted?

This story will lead you through the exciting life of Jeremiah, a prophet in ancient Israel, who delivered warnings of imminent terror for his nation - and lived to see them come true.

Volume 1 is also available in paperback with a two font sizes (9.5pt and 10.5pt).

Subsequent volumes:
Volume 2 – As Good As It Gets
Volume 3 – Darkness Falling
Volume 4 – The Darkness Deepens
Volume 5 – No Remedy


  • eBook in PDF, EPUB or Kindle (MOBI) format
  • 57,000 words (241 pages in PDF)
  • Second edition (2020) with extra resources, includes:
    • Family trees of Jeremiah, Josiah and Shaphan
    • Maps of the Babylonian empire, Judah/Israel and Jerusalem
    • Timeline of Jeremiah's life
  • ISBN: 978-1-925587-15-9 (Supersedes first edition ISBN: 978-1-925587-10-4)
  • Footnotes with background details and Bible references
  • Complete list of characters from the life of Jeremiah

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